Atmega328 pinout

Introduction to Atmega328

Hi, friends, I hope you all are doing great. In today’s tutorial, we will have a detailed look at the Introduction to Atmega328. The ATmega328 is a microcontroller that is assembled on the single-chip and manufactured by the Atmel (who was producers and creator of semiconductors materials) in the megaAVR group of microcontrollers. The processor core…

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What is Microcontroller

Hello dear readers I hope you all are having fun in your life. In today’s post, we will discuss What is Microcontroller.  The creation of a microcontroller was done with the production of metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors. or MOSFET. The first time in 1959 it was created by the Mohamed M.Atalla and Barwon when they were working…


Introduction to STM32 Microcontroller

Hello, friends welcome to another interesting post. In today’s post, we will have a detailed look at the Introduction to STM32 Microcontroller. This type of microcontroller belongs to the thirty-two-bit microcontroller ICs created by STMicroelectronics (which is a French Italian multinational electronic producer whose head office is located in Geneva). The most commonly used series of STM32 are…