op-Amp Differentiator Capacitor Charging Process Operational Amplifier Integrator Describe Operation of Integrators and Differentiators,

Describe Operation of Integrators and Differentiators

Hi, students welcome to another interesting post. In today’s post, we will discuss the Operation of Integrators and Differentiators. The operational amplifier integrator is used in the simulation of different category of mathematical integration that is summation techniques used to find the net area covered by the curve. The operational amplifier differentiator circuit does the simulation…


Online PCB Supplier – JLCPCB

Hello, reader welcomes to our new another interesting post. In this post, we will discuss the Online PCB Supplier which JLCPCB. Friends, as you are nowadays electronic devices, are becoming smarter, less expensive, small size and less cost. Electronic devices are manufactured through the PCB. The PCB is board is circuit board over which different…

Reduction of Noise Effects through Hysteresis What is Effects of Input Noise on Comparator Working What is Nonzero-level Detectors Op-Amp as Zero-Level Detector Introduction to Comparator

Introduction to Comparator

Hi, readers welcome to new engineering-related posts. In today’s tutorial, we will have a detailed look at Introduction to Comparator. The comparator is such electronic circuitry that uses to find the comparison among 2 different values of current and voltage. The output of this circuitry tells about the value which is greater. There are 2 inputs…

Introduction to SAMD21 SAMD21 working SAMD21 application SAMD21 pinout SAMD21 features SAMD21 block diagram

Introduction to SAMD21

Hi friends I hope you all are doing well. In today’s post, we will have a detailed look at Introduction to SAMD21. This is a microcontroller which is a thirty-two bit less power-consuming device. It processor os ARM Cortex based generally available in thirty-two to sixty-four pinout packaging. The frequency value over which it operates is…