Introduction to Current Regulator Diode

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Hello friends, I hope you all are doing great. In today’s tutorial, we will have a look at Introduction to Current Regulator Diode. The current regulating diode is also known as a current limiting diode or constant current diode that used to limit the current for specific devices irrespective of variation in voltage. These diodes comprise … Read more Introduction to Current Regulator Diode

What is Ammeter

Effect of temperature on ammeter Ammeter shunt Moving iron ammeter, Electrodynamics ammeter Moving magnet ammeter, Moving coil ammeter Types of ammeter How to use ammeter Why is an ammeter connected in series and a voltmeter in parallel in a circuit? Difference between ammeter and voltmeter What is Ammeter, Difference between ammeter and galvanometer

Hello, friends, I hope all of you are having fun in your life. In today’s tutorial, we will explain what is ammeter. in 1820 Hans Christian oersted who belonged to Denmark discovered the relationship among current, magnetic field and physical forces (gravitation, electromagnetism, weak interaction, and strong interaction). He performed an experiment for this relationship … Read more What is Ammeter