Introduction to BJT (Bipolar Junction Transistor), Pinout, Working, Characteristic & Applications - The Engineering Knowledge

Difference between IGBT and BJT

Hello, readers welcome to the new post. We will discuss Difference between IGBT and BJT. These two are the main types of transistors used in different types of electronic devices and projects. These two devices have a PN junction in their configuration. Here we will cover different parameters of these two transistors and finds common differences…

TRIAC: Definition, Operation & Applications

Difference between scr and triac

Hello, readers welcome to a new post. We will discuss Difference between SCR and Triac.  The SCR is a unidirectional semiconductors component used in different electronic projects while TRIAC is two-directional semiconductors modules. The full form of SCR is silicon-controlled rectifiers and TRIAC is triode for AC current. These components are mostly used in power electronics…