Difference between Wifi and WiMax

Hello, readers welcome to the new post. here we will discuss Difference between Wifi and WiMax. These two protocols are used to make the wireless systems make connections among the different devices. WIFI is used to make a small level network like connections of printers, computers, and games. Wimax uses spectrum to send the connection to…


Difference between Zigbee and Z wave

Hello, readers welcome to the new post. Here we will discuss the Difference between Zigbee and Z wave. Both of this technology work without the use of wires to make links among the different devices through the internet.  For smart homes, these two are considered the primary measures. Mostly smart home appliances work on the Z-waves.…

What is LTE

Difference Between 4G And LTE

Hello, readers welcome to the new post Here we will discuss Difference Between 4G And LTE.  Currently, there is 5G is working but still, an older version of communication 4G and LTE is working. The interchange of these two networks still has many differences between 4G and LTE. The main difference operation of these two systems…

zigbee technology

Difference between zigbee and wifi

Hello, readers welcome to the new post. Today we will learn Difference between zigbee and wifi. WIFI stands for wireless fidelity that is used for the connection of data among the short-distance located devices. These two techniques are used for different home-based applications and are also compatible to different security protocols. In this post, we will…