5 Eco-Friendly Approaches to Slope Stabilization 

Slope stabilization and landslide prevention are crucial measures to safeguard communities and infrastructure from natural disasters. However,  despite good purposes, they inadvertently impose environmental challenges. This environmental impact includes displacement of wildlife, loss of biodiversity, soil erosion, water quality issues, the alteration of natural drainage patterns, carbon footprint, and air and water pollution, to name…

Concrete or steel structures

Concrete or steel structures – which one is better?

Steel and concrete structures have been essential in construction for a long time. However, with technological developments, alternative solutions are also emerging. In choosing between steel and concrete structures, various factors must be considered. Both steel and concrete have unique characteristics and advantages that shape the overall design of a project. Advantages of steel structures…


Charge Up: Mastering Transient Voltage Safeguarding with Capacitor Selection

  Introduction This is a simple guide to choosing transient voltage-protecting capacitors. This is for electronics and engineering students! Transient voltages—unexpected electrical shocks—are challenging to manage. This blog covers calculating the suitable capacitor for your circuit and understanding capacitance values. We will also discuss capacitor limitations in harsh conditions. Thus, keep reading to learn about…