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Introduction to PIC16F1503 Microcontroller

Introduction to PIC16F1503 Microcontroller

Hello readers welcome to new post. Here we will discuss Introduction to PIC16F1503 Microcontroller. Micrcontroller is portable computer designed on the one metal oxide semiconductor VLSI board. It consists of single and more processors with memory unitand some input and output devices. Its memory units are RAM NOR flash are positioned on the board. Microncontller contrary…

What is Colorimeter

Difference Between Colorimeter and Spectrophotometer

Hello, readers welcome to the new tutorial. we will discuss Difference Between Colorimeter and Spectrophotometer. these two are instruments that used for measuring the light-absorbing capacity of different materials. A spectrophotometer is used to measure the light transmitted and reflected when passes through any solution. While colorimeter is used to measure the quantity of solute in…