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Introduction to Programmable Attenuator

Introduction to Programmable rf attenuator, Working, Features, Uses

Programmable (radio frequency) rf attenuators, is also recognized as voltage measured actuators, these are accessible in 50Ω impedance. voltage measured (controlled) programmable attenuators are obtainable with SMA  (Simplified Memory-bounded Algorithm)  connector and RF (radio frequency) dB reduction tenets which range from one decibel to 63 B. The frequency range of voltage-controlled attenuators is from one…

What is Venturimeter

Venturimeter: Definition, Parts, Working Principle, Derivation, Applications, Advantages, and Disadvantages

A venturi meter is an instrument which is to calculate the liquid flow in tubes. This meter is works on the principle of Bernoulli’s equation. Inner side of the pipe, pressure variance is produced by dealing the cross-sectional area of the movement passageway. This alteration in pressure is calculated with the assistance of a manometer…

RF Attenuators: basics, types, symbols

RF Attenuators: basics, types, symbols

Hello, friends welcome to the new post. RF attenuators decrease the power of a (radio frequency) RF signal. Characteristically, the RF signal is passed on a coaxes cable and this attenuator is used online with that cable. This attenuator also used in circuit enterprises and microwave submissions. The prerequisite to decrease a (radio frequency) RF…