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Introduction to MAX7219 LED DISPLAY DRIVER MAX7219 LED DISPLAY DRIVER with 7-segment display


Hello, readers welcome to the new post. Today we will discuss HOW TO USE LED DISPLAY DRIVERS.  The display driver is ICs circuit that is used to make connections between eh controller like the microcontroller and display devices. The display driver normally gets programming commands and data through the use of serial and parallel communication interfacing.…


Installation of MATLAB Software

Hello, readers welcome to the new post. In this post, we will discuss INTRODUCTION TO MATLAB. MATLAB is software that is used to perform data manipulation calculations visualization math and programming.  This software has features to handle basic and high-level operations in the simple and easiest way. It is mostly used for the solution of differential…

Constant Current DC Power Supply

Introduction to LT1085

Hello, readers welcome to the new post. Today we will discuss Introduction to LT1085. It is a type of voltage regulator that make positive adjustable low dropout linear volts. Its output current value is about three ampers and provides a high efficiency than other electronic devices. Its output volts at the input terminal are about 2.55…