PPSC General Knowledge Questions

“The Biggest” in the World

  • The Biggest” in the World The biggest island of the world is = Greenland
  •  The biggest planet of the solar system is = Jupiter
  • The biggest library in the world is = the Library of Congress
  •  The biggest museum in the world is = British Museum
  • The biggest Ocean of the world is = The Pacific
  • The biggest mosque of the world is = Masjid al-Haram
  • The biggest country by area is = Russia
  • The biggest city (area) in the world is = Mount Isa Australia
  • The biggest palace in the world is = the Vatican (Italy)
  • The biggest cinema house in the world is Students Knowledge = Roxy, New York
  • The biggest flower of the world is = Rafflesia (Java)
  • The biggest dam of the world is = Three Gorges (China)
  • The biggest flower in the universe is = Rafflesia Arnoldii
  • The biggest clock in the world is = Big Ben (London)
  • The biggest park in the world is = Green Land’s National Park
  • The biggest restaurants chain is = McDonalds

Pakistani cities Old names

Raj Shahi → Islamabad
▪️Kolachi→Kalanchi→ Karachi
▪️Shal Kot → Quetta
▪️Preshapur→ Peshawar
▪️Mahmoodpur→ Lahore
▪️Sagala → Sialkot
▪️Khan Pur → Gujranwala
▪️Khan Garh → Jacobabad
▪️Salwan Kot→ Sialkot
▪️Campbell pur → Attock
▪️Pipri → Bin Qasim
▪️Hindu Bagh→ Muslim Bagh
▪️Ajodhanpur→ Pakpattan
▪️Rowdayana→ Swat
▪️Pushkalavati → Charsadda

▪️Neroon Kot→ Hyderabad (changed – 1768)
▪️Lyallpur → Faisalabad (changed – 1977)
▪️Nawabshah → Benazirabad (changed – 2008)
▪️Montgomery→ Sahiwal (changed – 1966)
Fort Sandeman→ Zhob (changed – 30 July 1976)
▪️Shahenshah → Hussain Shah (changed – 2004)

  • Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg on February him 4, 2004.
  •  Twitter was founded by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone & Evan Williams on March 21, 2006.
  •  Apple was founded by Steve Job, Steve Wozniak & Ronald Wayne
  • On April 1, 1976.
  • Instagram was founded by Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger on October 6, 2010.
  •  Whatsapp was founded by Jan kaum and Brain Acton in 2009.
  •  Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on April 4, 1975.
  • Alibaba was founded by Jack Ma on April 4, 1999.
  •  Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994.
  • Flipkart was founded by Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal in October 2007.
  • Quora was founded by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever in June 2009.
  •  Oracle was founded by Larry Ellison, Bob Miner & Ed Oates on June 16, 1977.
  •  Wikipedia was founded by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger on January 15, 2001.

ICJ or  International Court Of Justice

  • Judges are in the International Court of Justice (ICJ): 15
  • The tenure of Judge of International Court of Justice is: 9 years
  • The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations (UNO).
  • It was established in June 1945 by the Charter of the United Nations and began work in April 1946.
  • The seat of the Court is at the Peace Palace in The Hague (Netherlands)
  • First Woman Judge of International Court of justice: Rosalyn Higgins
    Rosalyn Higgins belonged to Britain

Arab-Israel Wars

    • Total five major wars fought between Arabs and Israel.
    • First 1948 , war of Israel’s independence
    • Second 1956 , suez crisisThird 1967, six day war
    • Fourth 1973, yom kippur war
    • Fifth 1982, Lebanon war
  • bauxite is an ore of Aluminium
  • Ruby is an oxide of Aluminium oxide
  • Logarithm Table invented by John Napier
  • Periodic Table invented by Mandeleev

Largest In World

  • Largest River is Amazon
  • Longest River is Nile
  • Largest Glacier of Pak Batura
  • Longest Glacier of Pak Siachin
  • The strongest substance in the human body is Tooth enemel.
  • The lowest substance in the human body is Magnesium.
  • Red, Green, Blue are the primary color of light.
  • Red, Yellow, Blue are the primary color of the pigment.
  • Chris Hipkins is New Zealand, prime minister

Land Locked Countries

  • Total  Landlocked Countries 44
  • Continent Asia has 12
  • Continent Africa 16
  • Continent Europe 14
  • Continent South America 2
  •  Largest Landlocked Country Kazakhstan
  • Second largest Mongolia
  • Third largest Landlocked Country Chad
  • Most Populous Landlocked Country Ethiopia
  •  Double landlocked country 2(Uzbekistan and Liechtenstein)
  • Smallest Landlocked Country Vatican City
  •  Semi Landlocked Countries 8 (less than 5% coastline

Old Name of Madina?

A. Bakka
B. Yasrab
C. Jiddah
D. None

Most populated continent in the world is?

A. Asia
B. Africa
C. Australia
D. Antarctica

M-2 Motorway is:
1. Sukkurr-Multan Motorway
2. Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway
3. Lahore-Islamabad Motorway
3. Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway

Oranges are rich source of______?

A. carbohydrate
B. Protein
C. Fats
D. Vitamins

The Nobel Prize was awarded for the first time in?

(A) 1901
(B) 1911
(C) 1921
(D) 1931

The border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is called_____?

A. Durand line 
B. McMahon line
C. Red Cliff line
D. Line of control

The largest District of Pakistan in items of the area is?

A- Tharparkar
B- Bhawalpur
C- Thata
D- Chagai

Rickets is the disease of?

A. Eyes
B. Bones
C. Brain
D. None

5 Major Oceans In The World.

1. Pacific Ocean,
2. Atlantic Ocean
3. Indian Ocean
4. Southern Ocean
5. Arctic Ocean

Organization of islamic co-operation formerly created in??

Durand line , a border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, was agreed to in ___.

a) 1891
b) 1893 
c) 1895
d) 1897

  • English Synonym
    A. Revoke
    B. Watchful
    C. Polite
    D. Dextrous

Financial Action Task Force

  • FATF: Financial Action Task Force
  • FATF Headquarters: Paris, France
  • FATF founded: 1989
  • FATF purpose: to combat money laundering and terrorism financing
  • FATF official languages: English & French
  • FATF full member counties: 37
  • FATF full member organizations: 2
  • Total members: 39

1. When Waris Shah wrote his ‘Heer’ at Malka Hans/ Jandiala Sher Khan: 1766

2. World Hepatitis Day is observed on: July 28

3. Where the World Athletics Championships were held: in Eugene, Oregon, US

4. Who is the current Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sindh: Ghulam Nabi Memon

5. India’s current president Droupadi Murmu is from the Santhal tribe of the state of: Odisha

6. When Attock Oil Company was founded: 1915

7. Pervaiz Elahi, the 20th Chief Minister of Punjab, also held this position from 2002 to 2007 as: the 14th CM of Punjab

8. Who is Pakistan’s only Deputy Prime Minister to date: Ch. Pervaiz Elahi

9. Shehbaz Sharif has the longest tenure as Chief Minister Punjab while the shortest one is of: Sardar Dost Muhammad Khan Khosa

10. One-Unit was a geo-political program launched on November 22, 1954, by then Prime Minister: Muhammad Ali Bogra

11. After independence in 1947, who was the first-ever Chief Minister Punjab: Nawab Iftikhar Hussain Khan Mamdot

12. The ISS is due to be retired after 2024, although the US space agency Nasa says it can remain operational until: 2030

13. When the Governor’s Rule was first imposed in Punjab: January 25, 1949

14. Who is the current CEO of Punjab Aab-e-Pak Authority: Syed Zahid Aziz

15. Which is the country that has the largest Fulbright program in the world in terms of US government contribution: Pakistan

16. Name the Pakistan player who was named “The Flying Horse” by a German coach during the 1975 world cup: Samiullah Khan

17. Who was the first president of Indonesia from 1945 to 1967: Sukarno

18. Where the fifth edition of the Hockey World Cup was held in 1982: New Delhi

19. The fighter jets that are often dubbed as “flying coffins” by the Indian press are: MIG 21

20. Reykjavik is the capital and chief port of: Iceland

Important MCQs PPSC

1.Bativa old name of?

2.LDA stand for?
Ans: Lyme Disease Association

3.Ctrl+z key for previous action?
Ans: Undo

4 Professional social media app?

5.Social media app to sharing pics n videos?
Ans;:Google Photos

6.Lack Jackson location?

7.Rainiest place of Pakistan?
Ans: Murree

8.Objective movement present for?
Ans: Making new constitution

9.East Pakistan new name?
Ans: Bangladesh

10.Pakistan wins first hockey final for gold medal in which year?

11.Australia won world cup final 2007 against?
Ans: Sri Lanka

13.Bigest unit of memory?
Ans: zettabytes.

14.MB stand for?
Ans: Mega bytes

15. Brazil won football cups how many times?

16. In Quba hazart Muhammad SAW hosted by?

Ans:Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari

17. Zakat & usher ordinance year?
Ans: 1980

18. Nissab of Gold zkat?
Ans: 7.5 tola

Ans: Hazrat Essa AS

20. Azan not compulsory for two prayers?
Ans: Funeral and Eid

21. Nehro report presented under the chairmanship of?
Ans: Moti lal Nehru

22. Saark organization HQ location?
Ans: Kathmandu Nepal

23. In the absence of president of Pakistan who become president?
Ans: Speaker

24. In Ms Excel coulmn present ?

25. In power point first slide name?
Ans; blank or title slide

26. Biggest export of Pakistan?

27. pakistan joined seato and cento in which year?

28 Biggest cell in human body?
Ans;the ovum

29. Pituitary gland work?
Ans:release hormones.

30. Balochistan area percentage total area of Pakistan?
Ans: 43.6%

31. Sir Creek line between India and Pakistan which boundary?
Ans:Gujarat and Sindh

32.longest surah of Holy Quran?
Ans: Surah Bakra

33.Name the bird which is mentioned in Holy Quran?
Ans:Hud Hud

34-SIMM stand for?
Ans:single in-line memory module

35-WAN and MAN are component of?
Ans: Computer network

36-CD stand?
Ans: compact Disc

37-Holy Quran descend to which prophet?
Ans: Hazrat Muhammad SAW

38.Facebook founded in?
Ans: 2004

39.leaders book written by?
Ans: Richard Nixon

40.which country completed covid 19 vaccination first?

Ans: china

41.Christian population percentage in world population?

42.the disease which spread in air?
Ans:Airborne diseases

FBR Paper Questions

1) Title of Safi Ullah?
•Ans) hazrat Adam A.S

•Q2) football originated from which country?
•Ans) England

Q3) Asian games 2018 hosted in which country?
• Ans) Indonesia

•Q4) two infinite sets are?
•Ans) equal

•Q5) meaning of ayat?
•Ans) symbol

•Q6) hazrat Muhammad (SAW) gave his address?
•Ans) 10 hijri

•Q7) khilafat movement date?
•Ans) 1919

•Q8) what is the capital of Malta?
•Ans) Valletta

•Q9) how many wife of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW)?
• Ans) 13

•Q10) how many province in Pakistan?
• Ans) 4

Q11) who is currently prime minister of India?
•Ans) narender modi

•Q12) what is the currency of Japan?
•Ans) yen

•Q13) who won first fifa World Cup?
•Ans) Uruguay

•Q14) the book “India is my dream” written by?
•Ans) mahatma gandi

•Q15) 1962 constitution abrogated by?
• Ans) Yahya khan

• Q16) what is the last month of Islamic calendar?
• Ans) zilhaj

• •Q17) what is the first month of Islamic calendar?
• Ans) muharam

•Q18) 9/2 is the number of?
• Ans) rational number

•Q19) who invented bulb?
• Ans) Thomas Edison

•Q20) Riko dik project stated in which province of
•Ans) Balochistan

•Q21) battle of rad Ul fasad started in?
•Ans) 2017

•Q22) marathon race length?
•Ans) 26 miles

•Q23) how many side of prism?
•Ans) Plane side 5 and rectangular have 6 sides

•Q24) who is the president of Russia?
•Ans) Vladimir putin

•Q25) viena is a capital of which country?
•Ans) Austria

•Q26) largest river of pakistan ?
•Ans) Indus

••Q27) literal meaning of Israel?
•Ans) God contented

•Q28) who suggested name of Pakistan?
•Ans) chaudary rehmat Ali

•Q29) ghazwa badar was fought against?
•Ans) quraish

•Q30) who is the cm of punjab?
•Ans) parvez elahi

••Q31) rawal dam constructed on which dam?
•Ans) korang river

•Q32) janat word literally mean?
•Ans) garden

••Q33) hazrat Usman ruled how many years?
•Ans) 12 years

• Q34) you are so
• (Slow, slowly, likely)
• Ans) slowly
. come on?

•Q35) who fly first in the world?
•Ans) Wright brother

•Q36) place between two rivers is called?
•Ans) doab

••Q37) hazrat Muhammad (SWA) claimed his
prophethood in what age?
• Ans) 40

•Q38) pak China boundary agreement in which Year?
•Ans) 1963

•• Q39) which place separate pak from the Central of Asian
• Ans) wahkhan corridor

• Q40) who was Chief executive of State during the 1962
• Ans) ayub khan

• •Q41) ghazwa tabuk was fought against?
• Ans) roman

•Q42) who was the Pakistan 15th Prime minister ?
• Ans) mooenudin

•Q43) which Old civilization was in texila?
•Ans) gandahara

•Q44) saifullah was the title of?
•Ans) hazrat Khalid bin Waleed

•Q45) zakat farz on how many camels?
•Ans) 5

•Q46) who many Hafiz quran martyred in the Battle of
•Ans) 700

••Q47) how many kufar killed in the Battle of badar?
•Ans) 70

•Q48) in which batte Angeles helped muslim?
• Ans) ghazwah e badar

• •Q49) who gave idea digging khandak?
•Ans) hazrat suleman farsi R.A

•Q50) second highest peak of Pakistan?
•Ans) Nanga parbat


 *Asia Pecific Economic Cooperation headquarters is based on
. Baihetan Dam is located in
2023 in Chinese zodiac is year of
Baghdad is situated on the Bank of which river
UIP is news agency of
. Which of the following country has driest place on earth
. Our solar system lies in which galaxy
Milky Way
Pakistan is separated from Tajikistan though a narrow pass named
Neelum Jehlum hydropower project has installed capacity of
969 MW
10. Capital of Venzuela
. 2/3 of known oil reserves are in
Middle East
. 2025 Cricket Champion trophy will be hosted by
. River Indus originated from
Tibetan Plaetue
. Oman renewed its mitary cooperation agreement with which country in 2021
. 2nd point of Quaid e Azam’s 14 points was
Autonomy to provinces
. Muslim league woman leader who attended all three round table conferences
Begum Jahanara Shahnawaz
. World 2nd largest religion
. First Islamic masjid
. Bait e Rizwan took place in
.Jang e Yarmuk was fought with
. Kitab ul athaar Written by
Abu haneefa
. From whom did prophet Muhammad PBUH lend weapons
Safwan ibn umayyah

.3rd governor General of pakistan?
𝑮𝒉𝒖𝒍𝒂𝒎 𝑴𝒖𝒉𝒂𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒅.

2022 ka Asia cup winner?

 Capital of thailand?

 Chairman senate of pakistan?
𝑺𝒂𝒅𝒊𝒒 𝒔𝒂𝒏𝒋𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒊.

. first world War date?

. Hazrat yaqoob AS ka occupation kiya tha?
𝑮𝒐𝒂𝒕𝒔 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒔𝒉𝒆𝒆𝒑.

 konsa country ki border pakistan k sath ni lagti?

 2nd highest peak of the world?

 surah al hadid meaning in Quran?
𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑰𝒓𝒐𝒏.

. how many members of security council of UNO?
15 𝑴𝒆𝒎𝒃𝒆𝒓𝒔.

 when pak became the member of SCO?
9 𝑱𝒖𝒏𝒆 2017.

Non permanent members of security council of un?

 Currency of Algeria?

Non permanent member of security council of un duration ?
2 𝒀𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒔.

When battle of khyber occur?
7 𝑯𝒊𝒋𝒓𝒊.

 Who made alighar college/school?
𝑺𝒊𝒓 𝑺𝒂𝒚𝒆𝒅 𝑨𝒉𝒎𝒂𝒅 𝑲𝒉𝒂𝒏.

Capital of china?

 Geographically who is not neighbor of pakistan ?

 William is the worth?
𝑬𝒏𝒈𝒍𝒊𝒔𝒉 𝒑𝒐𝒆𝒕.

Power house of cell is called ?

 House hold bleaching powder is composed of?
𝑪𝒂𝒍𝒄𝒊𝒖𝒎 𝒐𝒙𝒚𝒄𝒉𝒍𝒐𝒓𝒊𝒅𝒆.

 Far superlative dgree ?

 Logical synonym ?

health comparative degree?

 farthest planet to the sun?

 correct the spelling ?
𝑫𝒆𝒎𝒐𝒏𝒔𝒕𝒓𝒂𝒕𝒆.(مظاہرہ کرنا)

___ is the member of SARRC with high literacy rate ?

 In 1905 partition of bengal into ?
𝑬𝒂𝒔𝒕 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒘𝒆𝒔𝒕 𝒃𝒆𝒏𝒈𝒂𝒍.

 Radio activity is the emission.of ?

Al amin is the title of ?
𝑯𝒂𝒛𝒓𝒂𝒕 𝑴𝒖𝒉𝒂𝒎𝒎𝒂𝒅(𝑺𝑨𝑾).

whoever safe one life as it is safe the whole ?

 Annex is the fundamental doucments of aviation security applied across the world?
𝑨𝒏𝒏𝒆𝒙 17.

___ Has been discovered in kala bagh ?

 preserve similar?
𝑪𝒐𝒏𝒔𝒆𝒓𝒗𝒆.(محفوظ کرنا)

 Brief opposite
𝑷𝒓𝒆𝒄𝒊𝒔𝒆. (پورا).

 ___is the not permanent member of security council of un except ?


PPSC Sea and Ocean Questions

The largest Sea is South china Sea
The Dead Sea is saltiest Sea of the world
The smallest sea is Baltic Sea
Sea of Azov is the Shallowest sea in the World
Sargasso Sea has no beaches
The largest Sea is South china Sea
The Dead Sea is saltiest Sea of the world
The smallest sea is Baltic Sea
Sea of Azov is the Shallowest sea in the World
Sargasso Sea has no beaches

The idea of “pragmatism in educational philosophy” tells that education should be about
(A) virtue
(B) obedience
(C) life and growth
(D) shaping good citizens

Q. An aspect of pragmatism is experiential learning that says education should come through
(A) experience
(B) practice
(C) knowledge
(D) observations

Q. Progressivism believes that children learn in a/an
(A) community
(B) competition
(C) isolation
(D) closed environment

Q. The truth of the conclusion of an inductive argument is
(A) certain
(B) experience
(C) observation
(D) probable

Q. Pedagogy is a Greek word which literally means
(A) to understand the child
(B) to guide the child
(C) to educate the child
(D) to lead the child

Q. Pedagogy is the study of
(A) education
(B) learning process
(C) teaching methods
(D) guiding students

Q. The philosopher who worked in mathematical and scientific didactic was
(A) Jean Piaget
(B) John Dewey
(C) Martin Wagenschein
(D) Lev Vygotsky

Q. The use of technology to enhance learning process is called ___ in education.
(A) IT
(C) Information technology
(D) Communication technology

Q. A scoring guide use to evaluate the quality of students is known as
(A) rubrics
(B) checklists
(C) inventories
(D) rating scales

Largest in Pakistan

  • Largest industry is Textile.
    • ✓Largest island is Manora (Astola) #check
    • ✓Largest Jungle is Changa Manga (Kasur).
    • ✓Largest lake (artificial) is Keenjhar.
    • ✓Largest lake (natural) is Manchar.
    • ✓Largest library is Pujab Public Library, Lahore.
    • ✓Largest mine is Salt Mines of Khewra.
    • ✓Largest motorway is Lahore-Islamabad.
    • ✓Largest museum is National Meseum, Karachi.
    • ✓Largest circulated urdu newspaper is Jang, Enghish is The News.
    • ✓Largest nuclear reactor is KANUPP, Karachi.
    •✓ Largest oil field is Dhurnal Oil Field.
    • ✓Largest park is Ayub National Park, Rawalpindi.
    • ✓Largest Radio Station is Islamabad.
    • ✓Largest university is Punjab University, Lahore.
    • ✓Longest coast is of Baluchistan (771 km)
    • ✓Largest railway platform is of Rohri.
    • ✓Longest railway track: Karachi to Landi Kotal.
    • ✓Longest road: Karachi to Peshawar.
    • ✓First TV station in Pakistan started at Lahore.
    • Largest airline is PIA.
    • Largest airport is Quaid-e-Azam Internationl Airport, Karachi.
    • Largest canal is Lloyd Barrage Canal.
    • Largest dam is Terbela.
    • Largest desert is Thar.
    • Largest district is Khuzdar (Baluchistan).
    • Largest industrial unit is Pakistan  PSMC

World Mountains General Knowledge

Mount Olympus is in Greece.

• The mountain range in Russia that is regarded as the boundary b/w Europe & Asia is Urals.

• Margalla Hills of Islamabad are extension of Himaliya range.

• Alps are Europe’s largest mountain system.

• Atlas are North Africa’s mountain range. Atlas Mountains are in Morocco

• Ural mountains separate Asia from Europe.

• Ordovician are oldest rocks.

• Oldest mountain system are Araveli.

• Youngest mountain system are Himaliyas.

• Andes Mountains are in South America.

• Ring of Fire are volcanoes in Circum-Pacific Seismic belt.

Important Questions PPSC.

Who was A.O Hume? (Allan Octavian Hume)
تھا؟ کون A.O Hume
Retired Member Of Civil Service
02 The International Day of Peace is observed annually on?
امن کا عالمی دن ہر سال کس تاریخ پر منایا جاتا ہے؟
21 September
03 The most polluted Country in the World?
دنیا کا سب سے آلودہ ملک کون سا ہے؟
04 Suez Canal is owned by?
نہر سویز کس ملک کی ملکیت ہے؟
05 Indian city Mumbai consists of how many islands?
بھارتی شہر ممبئی کتنے جزیروں پر مشتمل ہے؟
Seven islands
06 Which is the Capital of Germany?
جرمنی کا دارالحکومت کونسا ہے؟
07 Where is river Thames?
دریائے تھیمز کہاں ہے؟
08 Who is the first purchaser of Pak-China made JF-17 Air craft?
پاک چین کا بنایا )جے ایف 71 )ایئر کرافٹ کا پہال خریدار کون سا ملک ہے؟
Myanmar July-2015
09 Term of the President of UN General Assembly is?
اقوام متحدہ کی جنرل اسمبلی کے صدر کی مدت کیا ہے؟
1 Year

Rivers flow in Pakistan

.There are totally 24 rivers flow in Pakistan

Kpk 8
Baluchistan 7
Punjab 5
Sindh 4

Pakistan Cities Names
Lahore = City of colleges
Karachi = City of lightening
Multan = City of Mango
Islamabad = City of Greenery
Peshawar = City of Flowers
Larkana = City of Guavas
Crop Queen = City of Punjab
Basket bread = City of Punjab
Babul Islam = Sindh
Manchester of Pakistan= Faisalabad
City of saints= Multan
City of perfumes= Hyderabad
City of Mango = Mirpur Khas


Motorways of Pakistan


M-1 = Peshawar-Islamabad
M-2 = Islamabad-Lahore
M-3 = Lahore-Abdul Hakem
M-4 = Pindibhattian-Multan
M-5 = Multan-Sukkur
M-6 = Sukkur-Hyderabad
M-7 = Dadu-Hub
M-8 = Ratodero-Gawadar
M-9 = Hyderabad-Karachi
M-10 = karachi Northern bypass
M-11 = Sialkot-Lahore
M-13 = Swabi-Chakdra
M-14 = Hakla-Dera ismail Khan

Famous Painters and paintings

1. “The Last Supper”, a famous Renaissance painting was masterpiece of Leonardo de Vinci.

2. “Night Watch” Paintings belongs to R.v.Rijin.

3. The famous oil painting “Mona Lisa” is the creation of Leonardo da Vinci.

4. Pakistan’s most famous painter is Sadeqain.

5. Vincent van Gogh painted ‘Cornfield and Cypress Trees’, ‘The Potato Eaters’ and ‘Self Portrait’.

6. ‘Last Judgment’ is the famous painting of Michel Angelo.

7. The famous painting “Sunflower” was done by Van Gogh.

8. The world famous paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City were painted by Michelangelo.

9. Pablo Picasso is considered to be a great painter.

10. Lucian Freud was the name of the artist who recently painted a controversial portrait of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain.


PPSC Important Questions

Qn1: total coastline of pakistan?
Ans: 1046km
Qn2: cheapest sourse of energy?
Ans: solar
Qn3: killer mountain?
Ans: Nanga parbat
Qn4: Baran river flows in?
Ans: Sindh
Qn5: Ghazwa abwa is alos known?
Ans: widdan
Qn6: Najeebullah tittle of ?
Ans: Hazrat yahya (A.S)
Qn7: Death of Akbar?
Ans: 1605
Qn8: shalimar bagh made in?
Ans: 1643 by (shahjan)
Qn9: incident of Khanpur?
Ans: 1913
Qn10: capital of Angola?
Ans: luanda
Qn11: city of colleges?
Ans: lohore
Qn12: largest desert of pakistan?
Ans: Thar ( sindh)
Qn13: SCO shanghai cooperation organization found in?
Ans: april 26 1996
Qn14: AMF stand for?
Ans: Arab monetary fund
Qn15: When azad kashmir got independence?
Ans: 24oct 1947
Qn16: Cripps mission?
Ans: 1942
Qn17: Governor of bolochistan?
Ans: (R) judge Amanullah khan
Qn18: pirpur report was eastablished?
Ans: 1938
Qn19: The deepest lake in world?
Ans: Baikal
Qn20: capital of palestine?
Ans: Ramallah
Qn21: Hazrat Hamza embraced islam?
Ans: 4th nabvi
Qn22: founder of chemistry?
Ans: jabbir bin Hayyan
Qn23: Headquarter of ECO?
Ans: Tehran (iran)
Qn24: father of english poetry?
Ans: Geffery chancer
Qn25: Man of the Destiny?
Ans: Nepoloen
Qn26: The largest living bird is?
Ans: Ostrich
Qn27: who invented the hydrogen bomb?
Ans: Samuel cohen
Qn28: Treaty of hudaibiyah?
Ans: 6hijri
Qn29: which book is called Gospel?
Ans: Injeel
Qn30: Naples is seaport of ?
Ans: italy
Qn31: Boundry line b/w india & china?
Ans: Mcmohan line
Qn32:first space satellite was laughed by pak in?
Ans: 1990
Qn33: G.T road was built by?
Ans: Sher shah suri
Qn34: The most populated city is?
Ans: Tokyo
Qn35: length of pak & china border?
Ans: 595km
Qn36: Taipei is capital of?
Ans: Taiwan
Qn37: The first viceroy of india was?
Ans: lord canning
Qn38: The kargil tragey?
Ans: 1999
Qn39: Nadir shah invaded india?
Ans: 1739
Qn40: farz of hajj?
Ans: 3
Qn41: first source of shariah?
Ans: Quran
Qn42: Savak is secret agency of?
Ans: iran
Qn43: Neelam valley is located in?
Ans: Azad kashmir
Qn44: shaheen missile is?
Ans: surface to surface
Qn45: which is called panisula?
Ans: Saudi arabia
Qn46: oldest barrage of Pakistan?
Ans: Sukkur barrage (1932)
Qn47: construction of taj mahal?
Ans: 1647
Qn48: Goverment of india act enacted?
Ans: 1935
Qn49: capital of indonesia?
Ans: jakarta
Qn50: literal meaning of Qiyas?
Ans: Judging

  • Harrapa is on the bank of Ravi river
    Lahore is on the bank of Ravi river
    Gujrat is on the bank of Chenab river
    Attock is on the bank of Indus river
    Sakkhar is on the bank of Indus river
    Mohenjo daro is on the bank of Indus river
    Pakpattan on the bank of river Sutlej

World Geography MCQ’s

1. The area around the North and South ples within the polar circle is called:
A. The Moderate Zone
B. The Hottest Zone
C. The Fright Zone
D. The Temperate Zone

2. Death Valley in California (USA) is famous for:
A. Polluted area
B. Hottest area
C. Erigid area
D. Volcanic area

3. The largest ocean of the world is:
A. Atlantic Ocean
B. Pacific Ocean
C. Indian Ocean
D. North Sea

4. The smallest sea of the world is:
A. Red Sea
B. Baltic Sea
C. North Sea
D. Bering Sea

5. Strait of Gibraltar connects:
A. Mediterranean Sea with Atlantic Ocean
B. Atlantic Ocean with Pacific Ocean
C. Red Sea with Mediterranean Sea
D. Red Sea with Pacific Ocean

6. Panama Canal connects:
A. Pacific Ocean with Caribbean Sea
B. Atlantic Ocean with Pacific Ocean
C. Red Sea with Caribbean Sea
D. Mediterranean Sea with Red Sea

7. Sea of Japan is famous for:
A. Fishing
B. Boating
C. Salt
D. Mineral Water

8. Which of the following is a baltic state?
A. Estonia
B. Serbia
C. Romania
D. Bulgaria

9. Identify the biggest island:
A. Borneo
B. Greenland
C. Madagascar
D. Sumatra

10. Which is highest mountain pass in the world?
A. Alpine
B. Khunjerab Pass
C. Tochi Pass
D. Kulk Pass

11. Which one is the largest salt water lake in the world?
A. Estonia
B. Serbia
C. Romania
D. Bulgaria

12. Identify the world largest city (in area):
A. New York
B. Tokyo
C. Beijing
D. Toronto

13. Identify the largest strait of the world:
A. Bering strait
B. Palk strait
C. Malacca strait
D. Dover strait

14. Takla Makan Desert is located in:
A. Iran
B. China
C. Magnolia
D. Chile

15. Identify the World smallest state by population:
A. Vatican City
B. Singapore
C. San Marino
D. Maldives

16. Kuril Islands are situated between:
A. China and India
B. Japan and Russia
C. India and Pakistan
D. USA and Canada

17. What is Green Peace?
A. An organisation that stresses the need to maintain a between human progress and environmental conservation
B. A term used in geography
C. Geological Society of New York
D. An organisation that maintains a peace in the world

18. Yellow Sea lies between:
A. China and Japan
B. Egypt and Saudi Arabia
C. Singapore and Sri Lanka
D. Australia and New Zealand

19. The world largest active volcano Mauna Loa is located in:
A. Alaska (USA)
B. Mayn (Philippines)
C. Hawaii (USA)
D. Mt. Merapi (Indonesia)

20. The eastern Mediterranean Island Cyprus is divided between:
A. USA and Canada
B. South Korea and North Korea
C. Turkey and Japan
D. Greece and Turkey

مشہور صوفیاء سلسلے

  • Bahaudin Zakraiya belongs to Suharwardi Silsila (Multan)
    Shah Rukan e Alam belongs to Suharwardi Silsila (Multan)
    Baba Fareed Ganj Shakar belongs to Chistia Silsila (PakPtan)
    Moinuddin Chishti belongs to Chistia order (Ajmeer Rajasthan India)
    Nizamuddin Auliya belongs to Chishti order (Delhi)
    Mujddid Alf Sani belongs to Naqashbandi Silsla (Sirhind India)
    Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai belongs to Naqshabandi Silsla (Bhit Shah Sindh)

Culture Days In Pakistan

  • Baloch Culture Day… 2 March
    Sindhi Culture day.. 1st sunday of December
    Pashto Culture day… 23 September
  • SARAIKI culture Day… 6 March
    Punjabi culture Day… 14 March

The geographical location of Pakistan

  • Asia: trophic zone of western part of South Asia
  • Lies in North of trophic zone of cancer
  • Situated at the Western end of Indo genetic plain
  • Lies in the zone of temperate. Climate is hot and dry
  • Lies and north west of Himalaya

PPSC Mountian Questions

  • Adam’s Peak is located in Sri Lanka
    Adams Mountain located in North Carolina(USA).
  • Biggest part of brain is Cerebrum.
    Smallest part of brain is Cerebellum.
    Lowest part of brain is Brainstem.
  • Earlier, Chinese people called india “Tianzhu”.
    Tianzhu means Heaven.

PPSC important MCQ

Cholera Caused by?
Ans: Vibrio Cholera

K2 Height?
Ans: 8611

1 yard ?
Ans: 0.9144 m

Statue of Liberty ?
Ans: USA

War n peace written by?
Ans: Leo Tolstoy

Name of Saints, who first came in Lahore?
Ans: Sheikh ismail

Faisalabad is also known as ?
Ans: Manchester of Pakistan

Founder of israel was?
Ans: David Ben-Gurion

When Pakistan bait ul Mal was established?
Ans: 1922

Decibel is a unit to measure?
Ans: Intensity of Sound

Hereditary Disease?
Ans: Hemophilia

Bill Gates wife Name?
Ans: Melinda

Normandy is in?
Ans: France

Painting press?
Ans: Gutenberg

Oldest barrage of Pakistan?
Ans: Sukkar Barrage

Caries specialist is?
Ans: Dentist

Ascorbic Acid?
Ans: Vitamin C

Hottest planet?
Ans: Venus

World Organization

  • SAARC.
    Founded: December 8, 1985, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    SAARC stands for South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation.
    Headquarters located in Khatmandu
    The first summit was held in Dhaka in Dec 1985.
    Hussain Irshad was the president of Bangladesh at the time of the establishment of the SAARC
    Current members of SAARC are 8
  • International Mother’s Day is celebrated and observed on the 2nd Sunday in the Month of May.
    International Father’s Day is celebrated and observed on the 3rd Sunday in the Month of June.


1. First state to join Pakistan was BahawulPur, 1954.

➡️2. Pakistan opened its first embassy in Iran.

➡️3. Egypt was first to open its embassy in Pakistan. (chk)

➡️4. First governor of State Bank Zahid Hussain.

➡️5. Iran was first to recognize Pakistan.

➡️6. First lady federal minister Vikarun Nisa Noor (Tourism).

➡️7. First Lady governor Rana Liaquat Ali (Sindh) 1973-1976.

➡️8. Pak: cricket team first visited England.(chk: India)

➡️9. First captain of cricket team Abdul Hafeez Kardar.

➡️10. First century Nazar Mohammd against India in 1954 in Lacknow.

➡️11. First Woman University is located in Rawalpindi.

➡️12. First governor of Punjab=Francis Moody.

➡️13. First CM of Punjab=Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot.

➡️14. First Governor of Sindh=Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah.

➡️15. First CM of Sindh=Ayub Khoro.

➡️16. First Governor of Baluchistan=Lt: General Riaz Hussain.

➡️17. First CM of Baluchistan=Attaullah Mengal.

➡️18. First Chief Justice of Pak: Sir Abdur Rasheed.

➡️19. First PM of Azad Kashmir=Abdul Hamid Khan.

➡️20. First President of AJK=Sardar Ibrahim Khan.

➡️21. First Commander-in-Chief of Pak: Army was Frank Miservi.

➡️22. First chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee was General Mohd: Sahrif.

➡️23. First chief of Staff of armed forces was General Tikka Khan.

➡️24. First governor State Bank was Zahid Hussain.

➡️25. First daily newspaper is Amroz 1947.

➡️26. First lady pilot was Shukriya Khanum.

➡️27. First museum of Pak established in Karachi in 1950.

➡️28. First Bank was United Bank (7th August, 1947)

➡️29. First Agriculture Reforms in Pak: Jan: 24, 1959.

➡️30. First Chief Election Commissioner of Pak: Mr. Khan F.M.Khan (25th March, 1956)

➡️31. Election Commision was created on 23rd March, 1956 under Article 137 of 1956 consititution.

➡️32. First Muslim Commander in Chief of Pak: Ayub Khan.

➡️33. First Radio Station established was of Karachi.

➡️34. First T.V station was setup at Lahore on Nov: 26, 1964.

➡️35. First lady Lady Major General in Pak: Dr. Shahida Malik.

➡️36. First Space satellite was launched by Pak: in 1990.

➡️37. First private TV Channel STN launched in 1990.

➡️38. First Chairman Senate was Habibullah Khan.

➡️39. First woman judge of High Court: Majida Rizvi.

➡️40. First constructed barrage of Pak: Sukkur Barrage.

➡️41. First Secretary General of Pak: Ch: Mohd: Ali.

➡️42. Agro museum is at Lailpur.

➡️43. First bio-gas plant was installed in 1974.

➡️44. First woman bank established on Dec: 1, 1989.

➡️45. Badshahi mosque built in 1670 A.D.

➡️46. Designataion of GG changed into President on 23rd March, 1956.

➡️47. Largest Hockey stadium is National Hockey Stadium Lahore.

➡️48. First minority minister of Pak: Joginder Nath Mandal held the portfolio of law.

➡️49. First Atomic Reactor established in Islamabad in 1956. (chk).

➡️50. Largest railway tunnel is Khojak.

➡️51. Smallest dam of Pak: Warsak dam.

➡️52. Largest fort of Pak: “Rani Kot”.

➡️53. City Bank is the largest bank in the country.(chk: Habib Bank)

➡️54. Nishan-e-Pak: is the highest civil award of Pak:

➡️55. Second highest civil award is Hilal-e-Pak:

➡️56. Ayub National Park (Rawalpinidi) is the largest Park in Pakistan.

➡️57. Lahore Museum is the biggest in Pak: (chk)

➡️58. Largest Railway station is Lahore.

➡️59. Highest Pass is Muztag Pass which connects Gilgit to Xinkiyang.

➡️60. Largest canal is Lloyd Barrage Canal or Sukkur Barrage or Lance Down Pull built in 1936.

➡️61. Largest Cement Plant is Lucky Cement Plant near Luki Marwat.

➡️62. Largest road is Shahrah-e-Pak:

➡️63. Shortest river is Ravi.

➡️64. Smallest division is Karachi.

➡️65. Largest division is Kalat.

➡️66. Largest division of Sindh is Therparkar.

➡️67. Habib Bank Plaza Karachi has 23 stories (345 ft)

➡️68. Minar-e-Pak: is 196 ft, 8 inches high.

➡️69. Pakistan has its longest boundary with Afghanistan.

Highest and Lowest Point of Each Continent


Highest : Mount Everest (Nepal)

Lowest : Dead Sea (Israel and Jordan)


Highest : Kilimanjaro Mountain (Tanzania)

Lowest : Lake Assal (Dijibouti)


Highest : Mount Elbrus (Russia and Georgia)

Lowest : Caspian Sea (TARIK Countries)

North America

Highest : Mount McKenly (Alaska, known as Denali Mountain)

Lowest : Death Valley (Eastren California, Famous for Very High Temperature)

South America

Highest : Mount Aconcagua (Argentina and Chile)

Lowest : Laguna Del Carbon Lake (Valdes Peninsula)


Highest : Mount Kosicuszko (South Wales and Sydney)

Lowest : Lake Eyre (Far North South Australia)


Highest : Vinson Massif Mountain (Antarctica)

Lowest : Deep Lake (Antarctica)

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